Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sharp-lobed hepatica

Sharp-lobed hepatica buds

Sharp-lobed hepatica

A little beetle on the sharp-lobed hepatica

Four years ago I bought a sharp-lobed hepatica from Prairie Moon Nursery. Until now it produced only leaves, but this year it's finally bloomed.

I was hoping for blue, my favorite color of hepatica, but ended up with pink. But any color of hepatica is beautiful. Hopefully I'll find a blue specimen among the five round-lobed hepaticas I ordered from eBay for planting around the rhododendron.


  1. Ooooooh! Those are so pretty! I like the picture with the lady bug, it looks really neat! Great pictures!

    I'll try and post some pictures on my blog of my Sweet William's and Lupin's. The Sweet William's are flowering, but the Lupin's aren't yet.

  2. I find your blog.
    Now you have to post.

    I wike hepatica. They my fwiends. =) So pretty and elegant. Like Minnesotan fairies.